Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hiccups and Bumps

Oh boy! I started to write this post on Tuesday around 8pm, a rainy wind gusting gray day, when to my surprise I was sitting in complete darkness. Zap! The power went out. My legs were grasped by three children who began to ask over and over again between the cries to turn the lights back on, which made it a little difficult to find packed up candles in the dark. Packed up candles are normally difficult to find in unlabeled moving boxes but this made it a real challenge. The power was finally restored this morning around 1 am.

In my original post I was going to tell you how smooth this whole week was going. How Monday didn't feel like a Monday at all. The family took a drive to Ikea, where we began to plop ourselves on couches, stretch on beds, and pretend in showroom kitchens. Like many times before, we made a pact to not bicker, as sometimes Ikea gets the best of us. Tuesday work day went by fast but then the week took the horrible turn. Without power the first night we camped on the living room floor - children seem more thirsty and need to use the bathroom more when there is no water. Wednesday morning was an adventure getting ready for work. I drove down the road to the grocery store to get some bottled water, mostly so Buster wouldn't go thirsty and so I could take a unique shower. The nice woman behind the counter advised that they had the water in a cooler if I wanted it cold but trust me it felt cold enough. All day at work I thought about coming home to power so when that didn't happen I kinda got ugly.

Taking it out at the poor woman at the utility company didn't make me feel better, it only made me feel worse. After dear hubby left for work and the pow wow began in the living room again, the kids made me laugh. They danced in front of the candle light pretending they were giants. Damien read Harry Potter to Aries and Odyn. Some how with all their stuff in boxes for the past couple of weeks, moving to a new home they haven't seen but only heard stories about, a soon to be new school filled with unfamiliar faces, and with the power out they could still have fun. These are just some of the hiccups and bumps that are little reminders of how great the new place will be. Friday we get the keys. Sunday we move. Monday we will be home.

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greenrabbitdesigns said...

And I hope you'll all be very, very there! :)
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