Thursday, November 29, 2012


Oh Deer
Bird Feeder
This week has been random is the most random way. 
We got a small dusting of snow that has since melted. 
There has been a small hunt for ornaments for Micaela's ornament swap and for this lovely lady whom I've been paired up with. 
While driving home from work I noticed our tree from half way down the street and how it just got prettier and prettier the closer you got. 
We filled our bird feeder, unsure if we would still get birds during the winter. They seem to be getting use to us.
No plans for the weekend. Well that's untrue because the plan is to paint and make things for the shop but no plans to leave the house.
Procrastinating on things like dishes or folding laundry, and drawing instead.
Has your week been as random as mine has?


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Not really random here. Just entirely predictable! The usual first grade craziness, rainy weather and neverending piles of laundry! Did get out some more decorations though, which made me happy :)

We filled our bird feeders last week and it's like a bird sanctuary in our front garden now! I especially love watching the hummingbirds.

Happy Thursday, Amanda. I've got a parcel to send your way tomorrow!!!
E xo

Margo said...

love the shot of your Christmas tree! I always love to pretend to be a stranger coming to my house, to see if cozy light is shining out the windows in the dark.

We have no fixed plans this weekend - so pleased.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

The photo of your tree from outside is so beautiful Amanda. :)
Have a good weekend whatever you get up to!
V xxx

Micaela said...

I really was so excited to pair you two together :)

i smile every time i see the ornament you sent (exactly a year ago today in fact) of our wedding kiss. It is the most special ornament we own. <3

when i'm walking around our neighborhood, i love the glimpses of Christmas trees in windows. I love the photo you took of yours. Magical!

Amanda, i thought that bird was a figurine! ha how amazing.

My week wasn't as random though it was nice to get out of the house TWICE with Felix and meet up with friends :) Also watched a lot of "Raising Hope" on Netflix. Do you watch that show? Where are you on "Parenthood?" OMG, the best show. i kinda wish i was rediscovering it all over again because now that i've caught up, i have to wait for a new episode and i miss watching back to back. :)


Micaela said...

ps. i was thinking how much i loved that reindeer ;) LUCKY ME!!!

also, i meant to answer you on "Parenthood" from your comment on my blog-- i am lucky husband has HULU so i was able to catch up on there but do they show it online at i watch Grey's on if i've missed one... try that. :)