Monday, November 12, 2012

When History Finds You

This weekend was uneventful in the nicest way. No snow, no strong winds, no rain. We have been meaning to rake the leaves and get the yard ready for winter, this weekend we did just that. Lots of bags line the sidewalk ready to be picked up. The kids threw leaves up into the air, watching them tumble down on top of their heads. Aries found a giant leaf right by the back door. It was the only one in the whole yard - a rare big elephant ear like leaf. When it came time for actually putting the leaves in the bags the kids lost interest fast but with a little bribing of ice cream (Yes bad parenting move) they were right there.
Today we are clearing out the dining room - getting it ready for some before pictures. Then we start stripping off the wall paper. I've been saving a nice size piece every time we take some down. My hope is that I can start a little house art journal book with before and afters. On Friday the utilities guy needed to read our meters in the basement and I think it's the only time I was happy to be in a basement. He told me all about the history of our home. How it once was made for caretakers of a mansion that use to sit across the street. Apparently the mansion is no longer there but the stone stairs remain. I plan on taking a walk with the camera to see if I can find them. There is another stone house about a block away, one I always slow down to look at and admire - it was part of the same history and estate. It use to house the butlers and maids to the mansion.
I thanked him for taking the time to give me a small history lesson. My plan was always to go down to the library and see if I could find a picture of our house from years ago or maybe to find out who built it, if it had a story to tell. He was happy I was so interested and explained about a book that was written about our neighborhoods history and how in that book there are pictures of our house and more detailed information.
As soon as we said our goodbyes, I raced up and out of the basement to search for the book online.
While my intention was to find out the history of our house it feels more like the house is finding it for me.


Anonymous said...

How lovely to find out the history of your home!
It looks like the children were having a ball in the garden. :)
V x

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. I love your house. Keep us up-to-date with your history lessons and what you learn - fascinating. I can't wait to see what you're going to do for Christmas - and how brilliant that porch will be in the snow!