Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting More Accomplished

This weekend was full. We finished celebrating Thanksgiving and put up the Christmas decorations. Next year we decided that the tree will be put in a different room, as it's filling up a good portion of the living room. It looks very traditional. Handmade, vintage, new, and all different color ornaments fill the tree. This is a great leap from years before when the children weren't old enough to help. Before the tree was color coded red, gold, and purple only - evenly spaced, and organized. I've relaxed a little because the memories are more important. Although I do have plans next year to simplify things - more of a rustic natural look. 

Little by little we are getting more accomplished here. Today dear hubby and I are priming the dining room. There are certain moments in the painting process that I look forward to. Picking out the color, when the room is primed and ready to apply that first bit of color, and of course the finished product. All other parts I'm not a fan of. Painting walls is much different than painting a picture. I've set up a little corner in our bedroom where I can paint watercolors or draw. Even though we haven't really even begun to think about the upstairs yet, I knew that corner would be my space. The desk is new, the vintage file cabinet is the one I found, and the easel is one my mom gave me. The walls and floor will be different but the space the same.


Jenniffer said...

OOOOOOH! Your painting/drawing area is just beautiful. Lucky you!
I'm so with you on the painting thing- love picking the color, splashing on that first bit of change and the feeling of it all done- but those in-between parts?- not so much! Especially prep work- I think the prep work takes months off my life!;)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Your tree looks amazing Amanda! :)
I'm glad you've found yourself little space for art and craft ~ very important!!!
Have a lovely week,
Vivienne x