Monday, October 22, 2012

Unexpected Surprises

Last week went by much faster than I thought it would, in fact on Friday the DJ on the radio said that it felt like the longest week ever, which left me puzzled. Monday my dentist preformed a root canal on my tooth. When entering the room he shook my hand and said "Amanda it's nice to see you again" to which I replied "It's nothing personal but the feeling isn't mutual - it's just the whole dentist thing". He laughed. Then he told me exactly what he was going to do, a part I wish he left out.
All week my mouth felt achy and sore. On Friday, he finished the second part - and I'm glad that is over.
The weekend brought unexpected surprises. Damien slept at his first friend's house sleep over. Video games,  staying up later than normal, and being away from his siblings - you could say he was in his own little heaven. Saturday on my way home from work I saw signs for a barn sale and was happy to see they were still open. I walked around a bit and asked if they had any area rugs. Their rudeness surprised me "Does it look like we have any rugs?!" If it wasn't for a small table top wooden filing cabinet, I would have left with nothing. Once home I opened the drawers on my treasure to find a signed picture from Hank Aaron inside (I didn't know who this was but dear hubby filled me in). One word - Karma.
Sunday the red orange shag carpet got removed from the living room and we found nice hardwood floors. Today I'm finishing up the fireplace (hopefully) and we will move on the the dining room. We've already put up more grey paint swatches in anticipation. Maybe anticipation isn't exactly the right word. How was your weekend?


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Dentist's are never any fun!!! :(
So glad you're making headway with your new home and enjoying it too by the sound of it! :)
V x

Jenniffer said...

So sorry you saw so much of your dentist last week- not a good time.
But your treasure hunt sounds like it paid off- and I love seeing all the bits here and there of your new home!

We had a lazy weekend full of movies and drinking hard cider- not bad ;)