Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Knitting

Yesterday we discovered on Halloween we will have a lion, a bumblebee, and Mario from Nintendo collecting candy. I've always said, since Odyn's first Halloween, that he would make a great lion. We also drove around looking for antique thrifty store in the area. Landing at some of my favorites up in Woodstock, Connecticut - I found a cute little enamel table in a soft butter color with wooden folding sides (in the first picture) and an old wicker hamper for the bedroom. The table fits perfectly in our kitchen between two windows. There was a bit of a panic when didn't think it would fit in the car with all three children but we did it. Dear hubby's knees were a little squished but he managed.  We took a scenic route home...right into Rhode Island, oops, but getting lost made us admire all the colorful trees. It's the best time to get lost in New England.
It's been a bit chilly lately, with us having to turn on our heat for the first time the other night. The perfect weather for knitting a pair of socks scarf. I tried double pointed needles (DPNS)  the other day and realized I just wasn't ready for them. Someday I will make some knitted socks just may start with a loom instead. With the kids in school on Friday, my face a bit swollen from a tooth problem that is being taken care of today, and just a general need of getting out of the house, Odyn and I took a trip to the yarn store. I've never seen it so busy on a weekday and played bumper carts with a woman going down the same isles as me. Odyn picked out the prettiest red yarn, a color I don't use often enough. I still haven't decided exactly what to do with it yet - any ideas? The silky blue gray bamboo yarn was my pick and with a headache, due to the tooth, I came home and found a scarf pattern to start right away. At the moment it's satisfying my need of knitting something.
*Just a quick note - I want to thank everyone who has left us comments about our new house, or about finding my blog someway, or just all the warm kindness lately. I may not be the greatest at replying to everyone but I just want to say I appreciate every comment ♥ Thank you!*


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Love the new yarns. :)
The scarf is looking great!
V x

Prairie Rose said...

I love the idea if of getting lost in New England in the fall:)
I never thought I would be able to knit socks, because DPN's totally baffled and frustrated me. (and the only reason I taught myself to knit was so I could make socks)
But, that is when I discovered the magic loop.
It is so awesome!
I will never make socks with DPN's.

Jenniffer said...

Pretty, pretty yarn!!
I love both so much! Lovely pattern for your scarf . . . :)

Adaliza said...

Love the yarn you're working on - that pattern looks complicated, but just oozes Autumn from where I'm sitting! Hope your tooth is better soon. Love your new home.

City Sister said...

I always want to knit with red, but I get pulled away...too bold I guess in my mind, but I love the muted version of red you have!

Louise Marie said...

i just read the last three blogs. i don't know how i got so far behind, but am happy that i got to read them together. You always inspire me to do and see things more creatively, more lovingly, and with greater appreciation. i love you for that. Even though we have never met in person, i consider you a very good friend. Thanks for blogging.