Monday, October 1, 2012

Beyond Disorganized

We worked this weekend on stripping all the wallpaper off the living room walls and taking the varnish and yellowish stain off the fireplace mantel. It was a bit addicting - in fact dear hubby found a way to get an entire strip of wallpaper off in one piece, something that made him really satisfied. Now we just need to prime, paint, and get rid of the shag carpeting. Of course I am still tackling the fireplace mantel a bit, soon it will be a rich dark brown - more of a suitable color for the grey walls.
In the process I have been trying to do some crafting for the upcoming a handmade craft fair happening this Friday. As you can see everything is everywhere - which made for some choice words when Buster ran by chasing the kids knocking over a box full of thread spools. Did you know they bounce? Also there was a small melt down by myself, which I'm sure looked a little funny. It wouldn't have been so bad if everything was a bit more organized but as it stands there still is no real organization.
While the inside of the house is deyond disorganized, we are enjoying the outside as much as possible. The leaves are starting to turn crispy, and twirl down in there pretty orange red yellow colors - there are little tree helicopters everywhere, and we put out some fall mums on our stairs. There is this musty earthy smell at night  and the air is getting a little chilly. Soon we will carve pumpkins on the porch! Can you believe it's October already?


Ina said...

been there done that with wall paper. the stuff should be banned! ;p striping varnish? nope. i call someone who has a sander and can do a MUCH better job than me. ;p

welcome to your new home. :p

greenrabbitdesigns said...

It is hard to believe that October has arrived.
Don't be too hard on yourself you've just moved in!!! All in good time! :)
Vivienne x

Micaela said...

Happy October 1st! please enjoy the changing leaves for me-- that is def. something i miss about living in beautiful VA. I can't wait to wear leggings and my boots again (read, i can't wait to wear my pre-pregnancy pants again but i'm going to be gentle on myself ha)

moving/unpacking is never any fun. i wish i could help! i'd bring over my elton john records and we could make it fun ;)

(but so cute that your dear hubby gets to do so much on your house - i bet he feels really good about the victories such as tackling that wallpaper).

i do so love seeing these little pieces of your new home-- keep them coming! and those bibs! i just know they'll be a hit at the craft fair. You really should also put them in your etsy shop *hint! it would be the perfect gift for baby (as i can personally attest to, thanks to your kindness!) and for baby showers or christmas presents.

thinking of you and wishing you a happy october 1st!

Prairie Rose said...

I cant believe its October at all!
I am sorry things are so topsy turvy right now, but soon it will be all figured out.
I cant wait to see the paint and the mantle!