Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Routines

We tried to clean up the yard on Monday after finding a hidden garden. Matted soggy wet leaves, pricker bushes, and a weird out of nowhere lighting storm made it difficult. It's still been a bit too chilly here to really get our hands dirty outside. But we uncovered another secret heart shaped garden bed, where the plants have long been gone and soon the heart shape will be too. 
We visited a cute little pink herbal store in town. It's one of those stores you drive past a million times hoping someday to stop at. Picking up some lovely white sage, lavender, and a blackberry sage air freshner for the car. Aries instantly fell in love with the mystical quality the store had. She picked out some earrings she needed to have - except she didn't have her ears pierced. Something she has been debating on for a couple of weeks. Finally that store and those magical earrings sealed the deal - she got her ears pierced.
Slowly this week I have been weaning myself into new routines. We are getting back into eating healthier than we have been. (Anyone eating Paleo or juicing - have any recipes?) At night I've been making myself go to bed earlier, so that when morning rolls around I can actually get up with the alarm. I'm tidying up corners of the home and getting into that spring cleaning mode. 

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greenrabbitdesigns said...

Always an exciting day when you get your ears pierced! :)
Good choice of earrings too!
I need to get to bed earlier too and eat a bit more healthier as well, when the Easter eggs are finished though! ;)
V x