Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend Adventures

This weekend we had a day where it was just dear hubby and I. The kids visited with my mom and their new cow - which they lovingly named "buttkiss". I'm sure I don't have to tell you what the cow did to get that name. My guess is Damien the 10 year old had more say in the name.
Rob and I snuck off to a flea market, the Book Barn, and a lovely blog friends greenhouse, all by ourselves. At the flea market we walked in the sun looking at everyone's goods. There are the usual things I look for like handmade blue pottery mugs and old chippy furniture but this time I added something to the list. Vintage film cameras. When we rounded a corner, hubby scouted some out and we left with a neat Kodak camera made in Germany from the 1960's. I can't wait to see what kind of pictures it takes.
At the Book Barn we looked for books together, something we never get to do. I had a list in hand this time and found four books from it, Rob was able to find 5 books for himself. Then we headed down the road to a blog friends nursery
Carole's greenhouses were filled with color. We decided to focus on the side yard herb garden first and picked out a great variety to start with. We couldn't help but sniff the air while we were there. It was so fresh. Plus there was also the added pleasure of meeting a person I've only known through our blogs. Such a great way to end the day.
These were our adventures this weekend. What were yours? 


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Sounds like a great weekend Amanda, some stolen child free time! :)
V x

vintage grey said...

What a wonderful weekend and so pretty there! Love that red floral wallpaper!! Happy week to you! xo Heather

Jenniffer said...

Hi Amanda- Sounds like a great weekend- books, kid-free time, plants, flea markets. . . girl, that sounds ideal! A slice of heaven :)

Our weekend was pretty good: a walk as a family, some time to paint and embroider and best of all, five whole hours out and about with my bbf who was visiting for the weekend! :)

Adore the photo of your daughter and kitty together- that is precious. Have a great day!

Carole said...

It was great to finally meet the both of you. Maybe after the spring craziness we can meet for lunch during the week. Hope your herbs are doing well. This has been a cold spring that's for sure:)
ps love the book barn too