Monday, April 8, 2013

The Lone Daffodil

My new favorite spot in our house! #decor #diningroom #house #home
Poor odyn got 4 shots today at the Dr's ...yes he con me into not eating paleo tonight #thumbsucker #fuzzy
Across the street there is a lone daffodil. Just one - all by it's itself. Surrounded by trees, rocks, and leaves. I'm not quite sure who planted it or if some how some way it made it's way over there. But every time I open the door and it's brings a little cheer to the day.

It's finally starting to feel like spring. We are making plans for all the gardens and outdoor landscaping we want to do. Getting ready to move our table outside to the porch again - meals outside everyday. Reading my pile of books from the book barn, learning about the healing power of herbs and how to use them daily. I cut some daffodils the previous owner planted in the secret garden and spread them around the house. Our vintage pink quilt is starting to stay folded on the back of the couch and windows were opened today. 
Ahh spring! 


vintage grey said...

Sweet photos! Daffodils are so pretty and I wish I could grow some, but I guess the store ones will have to do! Happy spring! xo Heather

greenrabbitdesigns said...

A wonderful thing ~ Spring, isn't it! :)
V x

Heir and Space said...

Just popped over to say my goodness your house is beautiful!!

Jenniffer said...

Hi Amanda- I'm in love with that cozy little corner of your home you have pictured- it's beautiful. I love everything about it :)
Your kitty is to-die-for cute!
I'm so glad for you that spring is making itself known!