Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Welcome Summer

We welcomed summer with arms wide open this weekend. It started with adding a new family member. Thorn, the lab hound rescue pup. He was part of a litter that was rescued from a TX kill shelter and after spying those big velvety ears, who could say no. While adding a pup has come with sleepless nights and a kit cat that is just not too pleased with us, he's all worth it. 
School is out, beach days have begun, strawberry shortcake made, and roadside flowers picked. Yesterday we found a beach that allowed dogs and decided it would be a beach day. There were not 1 but 2 scary bridges to drive over. The beach was perfect. We saw crabs in the water, got lots of sand on ourselves + the beach blanket, and enjoyed the sun. 
It's just the beginning of summer and we are already in love with it.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Technology Spell

Color of Summer
Kitchen Window
Cast Spell
Yes I finally upgraded my old old phone to an IPhone! I've been instagraming away - if you want you can follow me here. Hope everyone is enjoying the outdoors, late summer nights, and school ending as much as we are.

Monday, June 10, 2013

In Full Bloom

Hanging Plants Windows
Shabby Rose
Sleepy Cat
Cottage Windows
New Window Boxes
Sweet William
Rose Ruffles
Onyx Portrait
Grass Negative Space
Cottage Flower
Window Plants
Patchwork Quilt
In Bloom
Odyn Portrait
Ombre Rose
White space
The rose garden at the park is in full bloom. A sweet smell of roses is drafting down the road, especially with all the rain we have been getting. This weekend dear hubby and I made window boxes for the house. We filled them to the brim with hanging petunias in purple and white, and also some hanging vines. Hubby got a rickety ladder out of the basement and carefully, while I pleaded for him to not get hurt, put the window boxes on the thick stone ledges. Today we noticed bees and a hummingbird visiting the new flowers.                      
We also planted some more herbs and a white peony bush that I can't wait to bloom big frothy ruffled flowers. Onyx the cat is loving the catnip plant, maybe just a little too much - he's currently sleeping it off on the couch. 
There was also some more wallpaper stripping - Ugh it's one project that I wouldn't mind ending. We only have the downstairs hallway and our room left. It's the hardest paper of all. Thick, shiny, and doesn't like to peel off easily even with water/fabric softener mixture. Paint swatches have been hung up just in anticipation. A deep dark navy blue for just one wall of our bedroom - called Midnight. Tuxedo Tie, Lunar Eclipse, Belle Grove White, and Snowday are just a couple other colors we like for other rooms. 
My back is starting to feel better, and I am really grateful. I've always known that I like to keep busy, but I never realized how much until I was stuck to the couch for a couple days. Honestly I can say I am not a television person. But with all that thinking time, there was a lot of planning. Crafty things that I just can't wait to start. 

Monday, June 3, 2013


Studio Corner
Bringing out the pink
Her Shoes
This week we:
+ ate on the porch
+ watched birds
+ cheered Damien at his math competition
+ rested, because I hurt my back
+ celebrated my blog turning 3
There will be more of a celebration here too, just as soon as I am up and moving more easily again. ♥ Thank you for sharing these 3 years with me.