Monday, September 16, 2013

Hello September

Side Pony
Knitting Kitten
Herb Drying
Cookie Face
Mind of it's own
Bee Rose Petals
Our place
Wild Mushroom
Thorn Puzzeled
First Day 2013
Scarf Knitting
Our routine has changed. The buzz of everyday school life, children spending the waning summer light outside after homework, and us hanging onto the weekend. We are welcoming fall with our whole hearts.
Plans of picking out the perfect pumpkin, maybe a hay ride through a field, and some apple picking are in order.
Fall is the absolute best where we live. I can't imagine not seeing the leaves change color or smelling the change in the air. There is this musty damp crinkling crunching of a New England fall. If you never have experienced one you must take a trip here when it all happens!
Right when all this starts to happen I get back into the knitting, making mode. I feel this need to bake yummy pies while wearing an apron and to light candles at night. It's almost like this internal alarm clock goes off warning that winter is right around the corner and to enjoy the comfort of fall before it's too late.
Things are still crazy hectic around here but soon, very very soon it will all slow down a bit. I need to keep reminding myself of this. The long days, the tired overwhelming feeling will just melt away and soon my favorite month will be upon us. But this month, this September, we are happy to be right here right now.