Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Boudoir

Awhile ago I remember writing a post about our bedroom. The wonky space where a headboard should go was a problem then as much as it is today. Having made a garland to try to solve the problem it didn't last long. One night it came loose and landed on my head, making me jump right out of my skin. Don't get me wrong the garland was lovely but it just needs something more.
Nightstands are something we no longer have to worry about. Finally after searching at auctions and flea markets and not finding exactly what I wanted I decided we couldn't wait any longer. Going down to the barn I rummaged around, hubby helped cleaned them up, we painted one, and I told myself they would work for now. For not being perfect, they have grown on me.
Grabbing a crochet hook and some yarn, I sat on my bed yesterday and started a ripple blanket. There was no noise from the monsters as they were tucked away in bed, the television was off, and Buster was snoring in the kitchen. It felt really good to be able to just close the door to our room, put a drink on my nightstand, and relax. Very rarely does it ever get that quiet in our house. 
I remember a time when my bedroom was the place to be. Best friends would come over and we would have slumber parties. There was my orange phase that started in middle school and went into my freshman year of high school. Everything had to be orange and my reasoning was because when you ask someone what their favorite color is very few people say orange. The bedroom was where I did my homework, talked on the phone, read a book, and even painted my nails.  
Now as an adult it seems like some of that is lost, spending most of my time now in the living room or doing late night projects in the kitchen or studio. Often I tell my children to clean their rooms wondering how they get messy so fast. The difference is they live in their rooms like I use too. 
Granted after decorating a little more and realizing the true value in my adult room I think a little more mom time outs are in order. Maybe with all that free time staring at "the space" I'll think of something really clever to do with it.
Tonight I think I am going to grab a book, reclaim my youth, and spend the night in my room reading.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bags Bags Bags

Working on finishing a FREE bag tutorial for all but it's ok if you don't sew....
these beauties are in the shop if you want one.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Some Rearranging

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. It's been a raining mess here without much to share. We did find time this week to move some furniture around. Lacking nightstands in the master bedroom was getting a little silly. This very tall cabinet was what hubby was using on his side of the bed. Every time the alarm went off we would have to pat our hand all the way up until we reached the top to turn off the alarm. Taking old nightstands out of the barn, I cleaned them up and even spray painted one turquoise blue. One problem down. Still working on getting the bedroom picture perfect to share. The tall cabinet made it's way to the living room and found a new purpose. It will hold throw pillows and blankets for the winter months or when the kids want to camp out on the floor to watch a movie. Now my problem is a funny wall space in the middle of two pictures where the headboard should be ... any solutions?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vacation Over Blues

I hate to utter those words but it is true - the vacation here is over. Nothing fancy, just nice nights at home together, family dinners, and our little trip to the beach. Being on vacation makes the days go by faster. It also makes you realize how fast weeds in your garden grow, that 3 children can literally eat everything in your cupboards, and that hubby and I need to make date nights more often.
So we're packing our bags cause it's time to go back to work!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunny with a Chance of a Winner

Back from the Farmer's Market with smiles. Thank you everyone for stopping at my booth and for all the lovely comments. If you were not able to make it, but were interested in some of my bags, I do have some left over and will be posting them in my shop this week.
On to more exciting news, the 1st Embroidery Block: I'm Sew Happy Giveaway is over. The lucky winner on this very sunny day is .....

Lynn ~ who said she would love to see me doodle a tree house!! Thanks for the suggestion Lynn and thanks everyone for entering.
Next block will be a retro cottage kitchen inspired by Eileen from Bluebirdluxe's comment. Eileen is also hosting a giveaway of the I'm Sew Happy Block - If you didn't win you still have chance - go visit Bluebirdluxe before the 19th. Also with each new block there will be another giveaway.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Beach Day

Hubby has been on vacation all this week, mostly to help me find time to make things for this weekends trip to the farmer's market. Being the great wife that I am I suggested just one day this week it would be a real vacation day. No emails, no computer, and most importantly no work we decided to get lost at the beach.
Thursday is the perfect day to go to the beach. It was quiet and felt like our own private island. 
Someone did not like the way the Ocean sounded. He often referred to the water as bath and preferred the sand at first.
A rare occasion that he would get all the sand toys, Odyn took full advantage of this opportunity.
Where's Aries and Damien? 
Patiently waiting for dad to come down to the water edges.
After all sunscreen is important for the adults too.
Dad arrived and it was time for a cool dip in the water.
The little one was playing spot the airplane and chase the seagulls at this time.
Sometimes there were sweet moments when they forgot they were brother and sister.
Then they remembered again.
Aries took great pleasure in burying Damien, so much so we had to advise no sand above his neck.
It was a great day full of  water ballets......
and games of chase the waves.
Saying goodbye to a wonderful day at the beach was hard.
But there will be many more days like this to come. 

** on a side note - last day to enter my giveaway :)** 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why I ♥ Swaps!!!

Some people would say I was a little coo coo for doing 2 swaps in the same week I have to prepare for the farmer's market. At first I was thinking the same thing. There is just something about a good swap and meeting new crafty people that is so appealing. Also the added bonus of meeting new blogging buddies.
If I had to sign up again I would do it in a heartbeat. Happy mail is what arrived today and yesterday. The kind of mail that took away all the stress of finding a tent, preparing bags, tags, and supplies. First package I got felt like it was my birthday, and rightfully so since it was the birthday treasury swap from Susan.
The shadowbox got an "OOOOOO!" from Odyn and Ms. Aries wanted to keep it in her room. Damien said it was nice - which is the very best compliment you can get from an 8 year old boy. All the little details like the watering can, vintage needle holder, and cute cake all made me smile. It's perfect! I know the very special spot in the studio where it will go. Plus Susan was so thoughtful including bunny wrapped chocolates, spools of thread for the feet, needles that came in the needle case, and that wonderful cottage style paper. Thank you again Susan - your work is amazing!
The next little package I got in the mail came from the pampered swap that I sign up for on April Maybe's blog. Oh how lucky was I that April herself was the person to pamper me! The box had pretty pink Eiffel Towers all over it. Her package came at just the perfect time, for today I do feel like I need to be pampered a little.

April was little psychic too. The night before the package arrive I entered my Hubby and I into a giveaway for a trip for 2 to Paris. So upon opening my pampered gift I felt like I already won that giveaway. My inner Amelie squealed to see that I got a very cool Paris mug (perfect for tea), yummy French chocolate wafers, jasmine lime soap that I can wait to try, amazing jade green nail polish, a much needed eye mask, silky cotton linen body milk, an Eiffel Tower key chain, and a pedicure kit that I am sure once Aries sees, a girls night will be announced.
My absolute favorite part though was the mixed CD that April made for me. Once girls night is underway, Aries and I will be dancing with painted toes all night long to it. Thank you April for hosting such a wonderful swap and for pampering me with such wonderful gifts.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday Treasury Swap

I just finished a birthday treasury swap that Inspire Co. hosted. This is something out of my normal sewing crochet realm.
What a fun little challenge this was! My swap partner was Susan from Texas and her birthday tradition is going to Red Lobster Restaurant for her birthday. How yummy is that tradition? So with fun ideas in mind I got to work.
Susan mentioned that she was turning her home into a cottage and this was my main theme. A cute vintage cottage - which we all know I love. So I layered, paint upon paint upon paint, to create beautiful cottage chic feel. Using nail polish remover (because sandpaper was rubbing too much off) and q-tips I rubbed the white paint off to reveal pinks, greens, and yellows. The first cube has a party hat made from vintage paper and tissue paper with a bakers twine string. The second was a cute little vintage playing card from an Old Maid set. The card was Susanna but the bird quickly turned it into Susan :).
The third cube in that row is by far my favorite. It features a cute little peter rabbit from a vintage 1914 Easter card, with which it took all my might to deconstruct (the cards words were stained and watermarked). Adding the fluffy pom pom for his tail made him even more adorable. Susan loves bunnies so I hope this cube will also be her favorite.
The second row had to include her birthday cupcake with candle. Using a cupcake wrapper that was made from recycled paper, I wrapped fabric covered pom poms that were dipped in glue and sprinkles. The candle is marker covered tin foil and paper. A birthday wouldn't be complete without a flowery bouquet. Vintage millinery flowers in a peachy pink tied with a polka dot ribbon finish off cube 2 in the second row.
Now this cube was my hardest and largest! Lovely turquoise wrapping paper with a sweet memories sticker were the first things added. Where to go from there had me at a loss. Red Lobster was the tradition and I knew this cube had to include it. At first I thought of making the restaurants sign out of clay but it just didn't go with the cottage theme. Then it hit me. Getting my paper and markers I drew a lobster crate like they use to catch the buggers and printed out a little lobster in a shade of pink. I didn't tell him that they usually eat his kind at the restaurant.
Now finishing off the shadowbox I used a pretty blue butterfly sticker, vintage wallpaper, and some more of the vintage Easter card. If I take something old and deconstruct it I have one rule - I must use as much as possible of that item in the new purpose. The second cube was Susan's present from me to her - but if she unwraps the polka dot fabric I'm afraid she will just find a wooden block. The last cube, to finish everything off, was the word BEAUTIFUL. This is something we should remind ourselves at any age. We are always beautiful. The little bunting was made with bakers twine, vintage paper, and tissue paper.
My hope is that when Susan sees this lovely shadowbox it fills her heart with joy. I would love to know what are your birthday traditions? What would you like your birthday treasury shadowbox to be filled with?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Unplanned Slumber Party

Last night as severe thunderstorms rolled in I got unexpected slumber party guests in my bed. There was a flash of light large boom and a scream from a shaking little girl. Faster than I could say "It's okay I'm right here", she was down the stairs by our bedroom door. Her hair was standing straight up in a wild mess.
Before hugs could be given the oldest came down the stairs in a dazed stare. "Are you okay?" I asked. The answer was "NO!" He was just as scared. Another bright flash an even louder boom sent them shaking into a huddle. Advising to wait right there, I went up stairs to check on the youngest. In the boys room I found him sucking his thumb. He looked at me and then pulled his blanket up an over his eyes. Knowing that once I got the other two to calmed down Odyn would hear the thunder storm, so down he came into the huddle with the other two.
Needless to say my pillows were taken, blankets for mom were nonexistent, and a sliver of bed was on order. The shaking, tossing, and turning in the bed I imagined to be a new kind of massage. Hubby came home in the morning to a tired wife and three children all sprawled in different positions. It's been really hot here today - 100 degrees Fahrenheit hot! More huddles, hugs, and comforting may be needed tonight as more storms roll in from the heat.
Luckily all this heat has made the peonies in my mom's garden bloom. A welcoming treat for a person who is a little hot and grumpy today. I put them in a lovely sparkling vase next to the reading chair. Trying to fill the house with some cheer and to take the mind off the heat that surrounds. Bright colors to welcome the summer that is upon are filling the house.
Is it summer where you are? How are you decorating for this hot hot season?