Wednesday, June 24, 2015


June Day
Tree buds
Daffodil Vase
June Bloom
Window View
All Hair
Golden Rose
June Rose Garden
simply cottage
City Of Roses
Peace Fingers
June Petals
Rose Child
Garden moment
Gaurd of the Roses
Vintage Rose
Just an ordinary sunny June day. A walk up to the rose garden, smiles, bees buzzing about. I had a dream yesterday that involved all the things I'm longing for. One of those dreams that's hard to wake from. It filled my head full of ideas. 
These past couple of months I've been contempt just being. Going to work, coming home, and small adventures captured on Instagram. My pottery has come along nicely. My house has stayed surprisingly the same. My kids have grown leaps and bounds, but really that only takes a blink of the eye. 
Being busy always keeps me happy, working toward something gives me hope, there are days where I need to remind myself it's ok to relax. 
Right now I don't want to relax. There are pictures that need to be captured, projects that need to be planned, and staying as creative and productive with my time is exactly where I want to be. I'm not making promises, I'm not setting time lines, I'm simply being in the moment. 
" There came a day in sunny June entirely for me" - I think that's today.