Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Baskets Are Filled

Easter Eggs
We were woken up today by the little one opening the door exclaiming "HE CAME! THE EASTER BUNNY CAME!!" They have quickly opened up their baskets and showed each other the goodies they've gotten.
Last night I colored some eggs in pretty hues of blue - sky, teal, aqua, turquoise, royal. Sketching on them while watching Ghost Whisperer on Netflix. One year I would love to do some Pysanka eggs like these ones. 
Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter - we are now off the the in-laws to have a feast.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Weekend

Onyx Hiding
Making a Wish
Onyx Upclose
Frog Cake
Onyx Thyme
There was a very belated birthday party for Odyn. He picked out the cake himself. A lovely marble with chocolate frosting in the middle and cream cheese on top. I let him lick the beaters and scrap the bowl. That after all is one of the best parts of mom making your cake.
The next day we had parent teacher conferences. Aries and Damien are both doing above grade level and are loved by their teachers. So we decided we would take them to the Connecticut Humane Society adoption center to see if there were any perfect black kitties. We visited with a couple cats but none were all black. To my whole families surprise, and my own, there was one little kit cat that seemed perfect for the family. Mostly he stretched out his fur ball body and rolled over for his belly to be rubbed - he even tolerated Odyn's excitement. 
So with a yes from me, we adopted him into our home. On the ride home we named him Onyx Thyme. He is still exploring the house, prefers the stairs, and is feeling like a member of the family already. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Additions

Antique Chic
The conversation last night with dear hubby went something like this ~

Me: I wish we were more organized.
Him: I wish we had furniture to get more organized.
Me: Me too!

That is how it stands right now. There are still corners that have boxes we dig through and no actual places to put the things inside. I'm very specific with visions of how I want things to look. Most of the time that means I either have to find something close to what I want or wait wait wait till I find it exactly. 
In fact Rob often has to remind me that it's not settling if I still love it. Like when I was pregnant with Damien we saw the movie Dragonfly, and instantly fell in love with the mobile in the movie. I spent hours scouring over Ebay for the one in the movie, millions of internet searches to find out who made it, and how to get a hold of one. Finally, being close to 36 weeks pregnant, he put a kind hand on my shoulder and said the baby will be 20 by the time you get him a mobile. (Actually more like 6 because yes I did find the exact one from the movie and it was disappointing - just glitter and wood dowels.) Instead of waiting I contacted a woman in Australia who made stain glass dragonflies - the end result was far better than if I waited. 

So with that in mind I set out today to adventure for furniture. There are my places - the ones I always check for vintage items - but today was a day to get out of my comfort zone. Surprisingly I found myself in Rhode Island (it's really not that far away, 1/2 hr) with no specific destination, just driving till Odyn or I saw a shop we wanted to stop at. Sometimes it's like magic. We stopped at a market place full of booths and found an old trunk that will serve as our coffee table/yarn storage, a cute little light wood desk for our downstairs hallway, and inquired about a painted raven hutch. Some much welcomed new additions.
Waiting for me at home was one of my latest etsy finds - a stunning antique blue and white bowl. It's purpose is for another new addition - we have decided to welcome an all black kitten into our home, of course when we find the perfect little guy. The intended purpose of the bowl is to be used for..... cat food! It's going to be the luckiest black cat ever. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Project List

My project list keeps growing by leaps and bounds. Recently I finished this cute little tie shirt for a coworker who just had a baby boy. I'm starting some embroidery projects for an art swap I am so excited about. There is a pile of old black and white family photos that need to be scanned, framed, and hung on the wall. Two quilts that haven't really left the planning stage yet. Fun Easter projects with the kids. Naturally dying eggs is also on this list. To have a list so full, there is never a bored moment. 

Friday, March 15, 2013


Star Garland
It seems very hard for me to believe it is the middle of March. There are gusty winds that shake the house and make the floor boards creak. Gray cloudy days with not much warmth. Fingers are crossed that soon windows can be opened, flowers will start to creep up from the ground, and coats can be put away for a couple months.
Every night I've been lighting a couple candles, getting cozy, and putting my crafty thoughts into action. A simple star garland for the window at the top of the stairs. I have plans to make more and put them in the shop - although I'm not 100% happy with the clay after it baked, it felt more plastic than clay like. So a new trial for those, before they get there. Also getting fabrics ready for a quilt. This one will be Odyn's and while florals are not his 'thing', I'm finding it very difficult to stay away from them. 

Monday, March 11, 2013


Spring Wreath
Spring Mantle
Spring is welcome to come anytime. I've been thinking a lot about the yard and things to plant. Snowdrops, johnny jump-ups, poppies, mint, lavender, creeping thyme, and foxgloves are just some of the ones on the list. But since it's still just a bit too nippy outside I decided to add spring where I can. Yesterday I took down our paper snowflakes on the door and got to work on a simple wreaths. 
With a big bundle of lovely eucalyptus (smells heavenly), antique white gypsy flowers, floral tape, scissors, and an old very large embroidery hoop - I got to work. Once the wreath was done, I still had more than enough eucalyptus to add some to the front door and the living room mantle. 
Oh yes...spring. It feels like it's slowly making it's way here. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Extra Day

Today was suppose to be my late day at work, little time in the morning and little time at night. There also was suppose to be a snow storm here, lasting all day, but some how everything got switched around. The appointments for the day were cancelled and no snow - not even a flake in sight. Today has now turned into my extra day, one that is much needed.
Odyn will be turning 4 tomorrow. It doesn't seem possible. Everyday he reminds me how much older he is getting. In fact he actually stopped fighting a hair cut and volunteered himself up to a buzz cut. No crying, no wiggling - just laughing at the piles of hair falling to the floor. That night wearing his batman underoos I kissed him and said "Goodnight batman!" to which he replied "I love you batWOMAN!" Such a silly little man. 
In other kid news Aries got a new vintage table so she can draw. Before the refinishing of the floors, markers and paper would be all over the place and sometimes scribbles would accidently make it to the floor - now she has her own space. Keeping her markers in a large nesting doll (that was suppose to make it to the shop)  , she sings to herself and can draw pictures all day long. Also she is very excited that our bunny kit came in. 
Damien is doing testing at school and passing the practice tests with 98's. He was asked to join the math team at school - to which he happily excepted. He is one of six 4th and 5th graders chosen out of his school. This weekend he is having his friend sleepover at our house, in his new bunk bed. I have a funny feeling it is going to be a late night.
Tomorrow I have plans to go out thrifting. I have a bit of finds that I will be adding to shop. Some pretty glass tumblers, floral tins, and linens. Also thinking about working on some new crafty things - a nice break from stripping wallpaper and painting. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Next Phase

Dining Room Floors After
Aries Room Floors After
Day At the Park
Living Room Floors After
Oh yes this next phase is much nicer than the one before it. We have finally moved onto getting things organized and decorating. Much of this week was spent with little internet connection and all 5 of us living in one small bedroom while the floors were finished. In fact one day dear hubby took Odyn up to the park for the whole day while the floors were getting their final coat. 
These new shiny floors were well worth all the hiccups along the way. After a day of stuffing my mom's vehicle full of Ikea (thanks mom) and then building it all, the house is finally starting to feel like a home again. A cozier calmer space. Still lots of art and pictures to hang, pots to be filled with plants, and perfect furniture to be found. 
As for craft bits coming up - well we NEED a new quilt for the new couch and maybe some throw pillows. Also I feel extremely lucky to have checked Alicia's blog on my phone Friday morning. Aries has been excited all week about the thought of making a Miss Maggie Bunny kit with me and more importantly in the colors of Betsy. With no computer I was nervous but some how some way just as my phone finally loaded they went on sale at the same exact moment. We will indeed be getting a Betsy bunny to make together and I can't wait to start it with her!