Sunday, March 3, 2013

Next Phase

Dining Room Floors After
Aries Room Floors After
Day At the Park
Living Room Floors After
Oh yes this next phase is much nicer than the one before it. We have finally moved onto getting things organized and decorating. Much of this week was spent with little internet connection and all 5 of us living in one small bedroom while the floors were finished. In fact one day dear hubby took Odyn up to the park for the whole day while the floors were getting their final coat. 
These new shiny floors were well worth all the hiccups along the way. After a day of stuffing my mom's vehicle full of Ikea (thanks mom) and then building it all, the house is finally starting to feel like a home again. A cozier calmer space. Still lots of art and pictures to hang, pots to be filled with plants, and perfect furniture to be found. 
As for craft bits coming up - well we NEED a new quilt for the new couch and maybe some throw pillows. Also I feel extremely lucky to have checked Alicia's blog on my phone Friday morning. Aries has been excited all week about the thought of making a Miss Maggie Bunny kit with me and more importantly in the colors of Betsy. With no computer I was nervous but some how some way just as my phone finally loaded they went on sale at the same exact moment. We will indeed be getting a Betsy bunny to make together and I can't wait to start it with her! 


greenrabbitdesigns said...

It's all looking great Amanda!
Love those bunnies. :)
V x

Jenniffer said...

That wall color and those floors just sing together- it is seriously looking beautiful! Great job! :)