Thursday, March 7, 2013

Extra Day

Today was suppose to be my late day at work, little time in the morning and little time at night. There also was suppose to be a snow storm here, lasting all day, but some how everything got switched around. The appointments for the day were cancelled and no snow - not even a flake in sight. Today has now turned into my extra day, one that is much needed.
Odyn will be turning 4 tomorrow. It doesn't seem possible. Everyday he reminds me how much older he is getting. In fact he actually stopped fighting a hair cut and volunteered himself up to a buzz cut. No crying, no wiggling - just laughing at the piles of hair falling to the floor. That night wearing his batman underoos I kissed him and said "Goodnight batman!" to which he replied "I love you batWOMAN!" Such a silly little man. 
In other kid news Aries got a new vintage table so she can draw. Before the refinishing of the floors, markers and paper would be all over the place and sometimes scribbles would accidently make it to the floor - now she has her own space. Keeping her markers in a large nesting doll (that was suppose to make it to the shop)  , she sings to herself and can draw pictures all day long. Also she is very excited that our bunny kit came in. 
Damien is doing testing at school and passing the practice tests with 98's. He was asked to join the math team at school - to which he happily excepted. He is one of six 4th and 5th graders chosen out of his school. This weekend he is having his friend sleepover at our house, in his new bunk bed. I have a funny feeling it is going to be a late night.
Tomorrow I have plans to go out thrifting. I have a bit of finds that I will be adding to shop. Some pretty glass tumblers, floral tins, and linens. Also thinking about working on some new crafty things - a nice break from stripping wallpaper and painting. 


greenrabbitdesigns said...

How brilliant to get an extra day! :)
Happy birthday to Odyn!!
Looking forward to seeing the little rabbit.
V xxx

Lora said...

i love that first photo - that vintage tin is beautiful!

vintage grey said...

So glad you got an extra day! Those are the best! Happy Birthday to Odyn! Hope he had a wonderful and sweet day! xo Heather