Friday, March 22, 2013

New Additions

Antique Chic
The conversation last night with dear hubby went something like this ~

Me: I wish we were more organized.
Him: I wish we had furniture to get more organized.
Me: Me too!

That is how it stands right now. There are still corners that have boxes we dig through and no actual places to put the things inside. I'm very specific with visions of how I want things to look. Most of the time that means I either have to find something close to what I want or wait wait wait till I find it exactly. 
In fact Rob often has to remind me that it's not settling if I still love it. Like when I was pregnant with Damien we saw the movie Dragonfly, and instantly fell in love with the mobile in the movie. I spent hours scouring over Ebay for the one in the movie, millions of internet searches to find out who made it, and how to get a hold of one. Finally, being close to 36 weeks pregnant, he put a kind hand on my shoulder and said the baby will be 20 by the time you get him a mobile. (Actually more like 6 because yes I did find the exact one from the movie and it was disappointing - just glitter and wood dowels.) Instead of waiting I contacted a woman in Australia who made stain glass dragonflies - the end result was far better than if I waited. 

So with that in mind I set out today to adventure for furniture. There are my places - the ones I always check for vintage items - but today was a day to get out of my comfort zone. Surprisingly I found myself in Rhode Island (it's really not that far away, 1/2 hr) with no specific destination, just driving till Odyn or I saw a shop we wanted to stop at. Sometimes it's like magic. We stopped at a market place full of booths and found an old trunk that will serve as our coffee table/yarn storage, a cute little light wood desk for our downstairs hallway, and inquired about a painted raven hutch. Some much welcomed new additions.
Waiting for me at home was one of my latest etsy finds - a stunning antique blue and white bowl. It's purpose is for another new addition - we have decided to welcome an all black kitten into our home, of course when we find the perfect little guy. The intended purpose of the bowl is to be used for..... cat food! It's going to be the luckiest black cat ever. 


greenrabbitdesigns said...

You're telling me, that is such a pretty little bowl!
Plenty of black cats here but they eat from plastic dishes and old chipped plates that we think we can get a little more use out off!!!
happy weekend Amanda,
V xxx

Laura Hine-Cermak said...

I'm Pretty sure that every family in our neighborhood now officially has a black cat!