Friday, March 15, 2013


Star Garland
It seems very hard for me to believe it is the middle of March. There are gusty winds that shake the house and make the floor boards creak. Gray cloudy days with not much warmth. Fingers are crossed that soon windows can be opened, flowers will start to creep up from the ground, and coats can be put away for a couple months.
Every night I've been lighting a couple candles, getting cozy, and putting my crafty thoughts into action. A simple star garland for the window at the top of the stairs. I have plans to make more and put them in the shop - although I'm not 100% happy with the clay after it baked, it felt more plastic than clay like. So a new trial for those, before they get there. Also getting fabrics ready for a quilt. This one will be Odyn's and while florals are not his 'thing', I'm finding it very difficult to stay away from them. 


greenrabbitdesigns said...

It's hard to believe that we are in the middle of March already!
I love your fabrics, looking forward to seeing the quilt! :)
Happy weekend Amanda,
V x

vintage grey said...

Such a sweet star garland, and I love those pretty fabrics! Have a great weekend! xo Heather

Jenniffer said...

I'm so sorry it's still so wintry your way! Hopefully that isn't for much longer!

Your clay star garland is a lovely idea. I like how well the colors go with your pretty home, too. :) Be sure to show us when the quilt is done!

Elena said...

Just found your blog. Ohhh what a cute decoration you created!!

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Lily Boot said...

love the fabrics you've chosen - they colours are so soft and peaceful - I'm with you - I wouldn't be able to stop myself from sneaking in at least one wee floral :-) Also love your stars - are they clay, not dough? Never mind what they feel like, they look lovely.