Friday, November 12, 2010

Birthday Wishes

I do believe that this weekend is a special blogger friend's birthday!!!! Andrea from The Art of Staying Up All Night asked for participants to help celebrate her birthday and well I had to get in on it.

So to celebrate your 27th birthday Andrea, I wrote the top 10 things you must or mustn't do for your birthday.

10. You must wear a party outfit because birthday suits are not allowed.
9. You are allowed to shake presents and guess but don't shake the envelopes and try to guess if there is money in them.
8. It doesn't matter how old you are, or will be, the Happy Birthday song will end with you smelling and looking like a monkey.
7. You must see what celebrities share the same birthday with you ~ Wait you shouldn't have to do that since it's your birthday so I did it for you.... Whoopi Goldberg, Jimmy Kimmel, Gerard Butler, and Steve Zahn.
6. Your too old for birthday spankings and a pinch to grow an inch - consider it assault now.

5. You must get balloons filled with helium, and one for each year.
4. When everyone has left you must pop balloons and make silly helium voice noises.
3. Cake - some love it, some hate it ... everyone must have a piece on their birthday
2. You must blow out all your candles - your never too old to do this - and make the best birthday wish you can possibly think of.


Make sure to stop at Andrea's blog and wish her a Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

What a fun birthday list! Who doesn't love cake??!! I will eat their piece for them :o)

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Great list!
Happy Birthday, Andrea!