Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm dreaming of a ...

Winter is just around the corner here ... you can smell it in the air. As much as I don't like the dreaded S word (snow) I do love a white Christmas. I never add much to my Christmas list, mostly because I am lucky and have everything I need. Usually when I get asked what we could use, I ask for things like shoes, gift certificate for clothes, or things for the kids. This year I may ask for 3 little things for myself. 

Yummy Happy Yarn Colours - like Lucy or Emma Lamb have (they are still on my mind), 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack and or Movie , and Fabric - I know weird list right. Most people my age would want jewelry, designer perfumes, or name brand clothing. But the real true reason for the holidays is for the kids, seeing my family, and delicious food. 

So what are the top 3 things on your holiday list this year? 
(ps: if it's this cute, lovely, dreamy dishcloth in the photos - you may have a chance to win it on a friend's blog - but more about that when the time comes)


Anonymous said...

Yarn! Now there's a good idea! I could ask Santa for that! You know me Amanda I have so little. ;)
Vivienne x

Carol Bender said...

Very Dreamy!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I don't think your list is weird at all! Not if it will make you happy.

Well, you already know I'd like a new camera and lens, but I think I'd just like to get moved in to the new house first! ;-)

Have a great week ahead!

Yaya' s Home said...

I love your list. It's jus' the sorta' thing that makes life... Right. I dunno' your age, but at my age, I still haven't developed a real yen for jewelry. Wedding band, necklace an' maybe a pair of earrings an' I'm good.

Now, your Dreamy Dishcloth... I'm gonna' try an' win that.

~ Yaya