Thursday, April 14, 2011

Goodbye Miss Grumpy Pants

These last couple of days I have been miss grumpy pants. This is one reason why I haven't posted anything and stayed away from the computer. Blame it on the weather, lack of sleep, or two children that are sick - whatever it was it finally went away. I hate being cranky, it's just no fun.
Dear hubby told me to start being more selfish. He often has a different take on things then I do - which is good. "Your doing too much for others, do stuff for yourself" is the little lecture I got the other day. So I took his advice and ordered the new pattern from Alicia Paulson, the Mina Dress. It's the first time I have done any type of crochet clothing.
The second thing I did for myself was start my art journal. I have been dabbling in a couple different things lately, mostly so that when the barn shop opens I have even more to offer people. At my last treasure hunt I found old books and when I spied this amazing yellow cover with purple font, in an instant I realized it would be my new art journal.
Working on these things that are just for me - not for the shop or a gift but just for my soul has really made the crabby lady with the crazy eyes disappear. I guess the lesson here was that sometimes hubby is right ... but let's just keep that between us!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are back to your sweet self.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Nice to have you back Amanda with a smile on your face!! :)
Your husband was right but best not to tell him, don't want husbands thinking they're always right, that would never do! ;)
Have a great weekend.
Vivienne x

Kristen said...

Lovely idea, good for you! :)

Allana said...

How great that your husband knows you so well and 'gets' you :)
Love that book cover and upcycling it into an art journal is inspired!! :)