Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Bad Habit

There is one thing that I do that drives my husband bonkers. It's my bad habit. Out of all bad habits I think it's pretty minor but it is so hard to break. As of lately I have been trying to catch myself and even I find myself saying "really?!". If your wondering what this habit is .... it's leaving the cupboards open. I have no idea why but when I cook, grab a cup for the kids, or need a plate I leave the cabinet door open.
Dear hubby often comes home from work to think our pantry was raided by a ghost. To tell you the truth I never even realized I did this. Often I see this look now on his face, he clears his throat, and sometimes nods his head in the direction of the open cabinet. I'm making an effort to remember to close those cupboards but sometimes I still forget. Do you have a habit that's hard to break?


Jamie said...

I have this problem as well. Only my little apartment is so old the cabinets are warped and none close properly. So it isn't all my fault!

I'm sure walking into a kitchen with all the cabinets open reminds your man of that kitchen scene in "The Sixth Sense" so I can't blame him!

Lola Nova said...

Far too many bad habits to list I'm afraid! I did once have a room mate that left the cabinet doors open, I was forever bonking my head on them. But that may have been because I am a clumsy one.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Do you know Amanda, you share your bad habit with my husband, he leaves drawers open too, I'm so with your poor husband!!!
Me,have a bad habit?? Absolutely not!! ;)
Vivienne x

Anonymous said...

lol, cute post. I have a bad habit of making a mess. I'm trying to not be as messy or at least clean up after myself quicker, maybe someday. Making the mess is definitely more enjoyable for me.

Lap Dog Knits said...

I leave the drawers half open all the time...along with a few dozen other habits, too many to list.
My projects are scattered about the house is my bad habit. You can tell where I sit on the sofa!!!

Haylee said...

Oh my heck I TOTALLY DO THIS TOO. I have no idea why I do it either. You'd think I'd just close them after I'm done since it takes not even a second to do. Funny the different quirks people have.

Kristen said...

Oy, someone in my house has that same exact bad habit! I give the stinkeye, but it hasn't helped yet. My own worst habit is offering unsolicited advice. I can't seem to help myself! I'm sure everyone around me just rolls their eyes and tries to ignore me and my pontificating.

janet said...

OMGosh...I thought that was a man thing!!!

My husband does that all the time and it bugs the heck out of me.

How can he not notice the gaping hole of an open cupboard.

Secretly, I think that might be a reason behind my removing a few doors for my kitchen restyle

A few less for him to leave open

Janet xox

Julie said...

I do the same thing, you are not alone! I try really hard to remember, but the kids do it too so I never know who left it open. I know it drives dh nuts!

Carol said...

Cracking my head a few times cured me of leaving cupboard doors open but I still leave room doors open.
My biggest fault is finishing off people's sentences.
Carol xx

Phyl said...

I have been doing this for 50+ years. My husband always just goes around and closes all of them AND the drawers I leave open. I've been doing this since I was married and have no idea why.

I sometimes tell him that I am saving time because when I have to put the item BACK in the cabinet or the drawer, I don't have to go through the motion of opening it!

I don't even notice it until after I have finished cooking and then it looks like a cyclone went through my kitchen. And I am a fairly organized/pretty clean person.

You're not alone.