Friday, April 8, 2011

Secret Project ... Done

Yes I am done with my secret project and overjoyed. It's not that I don't like the way it came out, actually the complete opposite, but the fact that I had to completely focus all on this project to make sure it was done on time - that was difficult. I am an all over crafter - always a million things going on at the same time. Usually they all get completed. 
While I was finishing up this secret item I kept dreaming about starting an art journal, making a sketchbook, and looking at others de-constructed books. So when I had a free moment (actually I took it) I went to a barn sale that was just down the road. Everything $3 of less except furniture was what the ad had promised.
The ad kept it's promise and I picked up some really old books, sheet music, milk glass hobnail pitcher, handmade owl crewel work in a frame, a beat up rooster salt and paper shaker, funky fabric napkins, and nice embroidered linens. Looking at other peoples finds I noticed that my pile did have a distinct style going on. Which made me wonder, if other people looked at my pile would they think it all went together? 
I almost forgot about the smelly, open and shut eyed, dressed in pink doll Aries got. It's definitely an outside toy not only because it has a smell like it's been sitting in a puddle for awhile but also because the oldest hates dolls. The way Damien acts when he sees a doll reminds me of Baron Bomburst from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang "Dolls! Dolls! I have hundreds of dolls!" - except Damien doesn't his sister does. So with all treasures in tow, do you know what I am most excited about? The books and sheet music!! Why? Because I have plans of turning them into something grand. 
So this weekend someone will receive the secret item I made, sheet music will be transformed, and the weather will behave enough for me to do some gardening. Monday I will share the secret project with you all and the how to's. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


janet said...

I love a good secret!

janet xox

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha when I read that you had a secret I laughed because you told me a secret today, what was it now.....oh yeah, that's why you told me... because you knew I'd forget.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Looking forward to the big reveal!!!
I love the little owl. :)
Enjoy your weekend Amanda!
Vivienne x

Kristen said...

Excellent thrifty finds! I love the little owl picture, he's so sweet. I can't wait to see the secret project--bet it's fantastic!