Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Buster Christmas

This weekend was crazy around here. Those small adults kept coming up to me petting my head and saying only 2 more days, 1 more day, SANTA is coming tonight. Not sure what it all meant but I got strict instructions from the oldest not to eat the man that looked jolly in the red suit because they wanted presents.
I must have did a good job because there were presents under the tree for me too! They were...
giant bones!!! I didn't even make a wish list .
I tried my best to eat them all that day. It only made me tired.
Later on there was some snuggling on the couch. What?! Guys snuggle too!
Hope everyone else let that man with the red suit into their house. 


Carol said...

Wow Buster you got some wonderful bones from the man in the red suit, now you know why you were told not to eat him.
Hope everyone else enjoyed their Christmas as much as you did.
Carol xx

Anonymous said...

LOL, cute!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Soooo glad you had a wonderful Christmas Buster!!! :)
V x