Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Mail

Absolutely love opening my mailbox to happy mail!! There were two things to be excited about this time.
First was an ornament from my dear vintage soul sister. She gets me.
It was a total surprise. If only she could see my reaction when I opened it. Isn't it just beautiful!!! The ornament is from Jupiter Designs - and I adore everything about it.
Thanks so much Micaela!!!
The other surprise in my mailbox was a giveaway I won over at NanaCompany. Lady luck must have been on my side that day because there were a lot of entries. What I won was an amazing quilt blocks book called "Modern Blocks" and Amy herself has two blocks that she designed featured in the book. Just flipping through this book gave me tons of ideas.
Amy also included some great little extras as well. Can't wait to use those trims! The handmade trivet is beautiful.
See all those tiny little hand sewn stitches?! Thanks so much Amy. I don't think it will be mine for much longer though. Someone, who will remain nameless...but not pictureless, has already proclaimed it hers. This is the very reason she didn't see me open my package from Micaela :)


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Absolutely nothing like 'happy mail', gorgeous goodies! :)
V x

Micaela said...

your little one is ADORABLE!!!

awww amanda, i am SO glad you got your ornament and that you love it-- i had a feeling you would because it is EVERY BIT YOU! every bit. I was just like you and am surprised i could keep it a secret! lol but i wanted to surprise you and maybe make your day like you made mine. <3

i believe in random kindness and when you can, returning it. THANK YOU for your friendship vintage soul sister. xoxo

Carol said...

Beautiful ornament, don't blame your little one for claiming that lovely patchwork.
Carol xx