Monday, December 5, 2011

Salem for the Weekend

This weekend was a trip to Salem. It was perfect!! What a lovely day to walk the quiet streets, smell the sweet earthy smell of herbs in Wiccan shops, and soak up the history of clap board houses. A day without the children was a much needed rest, even though your mind always thinks about them and their names sit of the tip of your tongue waiting for the opportunity to escape your lips. Hand in hand we strolled neighborhoods and dreamed big dreams. Eyeing every empty shop window with a hope of opening my own. Lunch at the Lobster Shanty - where the owner spied us looking at the menu, an offered us to come in early for brunch before they officially opened. Strangers passed us with a greeted hello. Salty wind filled the air. Stopping at a yarn shop full of color, along with a fabric shop with reproduction feedsack prints, and a botanical shop- we got a treat just for us. As we got in the car and drove through the winding streets, we thought about the magical little town and the happiness it brought. 


Lola Nova said...

That sounds just lovely! Love the old houses.

Carole said...

Thanks for taking me back to salem. One of my favorites....esp for hallloween


greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a pretty place, those houses are amazing!
V x

janet said...

I love of the best trip my boys and I ever took was to Salem. Many great memories of a beautiful place.

Janet xox

ConstantlyAlice said...

Salem is one of my favorite places. You can almost feel the history!