Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Decorating

Every year is different. Not the putting up the tree part, that always happens the day after Thanksgiving. The kids always help and the tree usually looks bare at top with a cluster of ornaments in one spot. At night us parents rearrange everything without them being any the wiser. 
The part that changes every year is the general decorating. Candles, garlands, and other festive bits always manage to find their way around the house. This year was no different. We finally have everything put out just the way we like it. Center stage this year is the kids creations. A paper decorated tree, cotton ball snowmen, hand print wreaths, googly eyes gingerbread men, popsicle stick reindeer, paper plate school ornaments, and tissue paper candle. 
For some reason it feels extra cozy this year, no fireplace needed. Still working on our Santa lists, holiday cookies, and a few handmade gifts we are in good shape for a Merry Christmas. Are you ready?


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Almost!! :)
Love the decorations, especially child made ones!
V x

Prairie Rose said...

Your house is darling and cozy!
Love it!
I am ready, still have some wrapping and baking to do, but thats about it.