Monday, February 6, 2012

Denise's Quilt

Denise's Quilt 
Fabric: Joanne's, Fabric Depot, Osgoods
Embroidery Pattern: Here
Block Pattern: Modern Blocks
Pink polka dots, purple flowers, a sweet bird print, and metallic stripes. The fabric for this quilt just sang little girl while I was looking through my cabinet. It's not the perfect quilt, there are uneven seems, one or two blocks isn't correct, there is bunching, and the sweet note on the back is a bit crooked. While many of us try to be perfect, make everything even, and just right - it's not always necessary. 
The quilt is not any less beautiful with it's imperfections. It's made with love, the most important thing. While I must admit that when I started quilting and saw that the message was getting pulled up, making it look uneven,   my heart sank. Taking a break and stepping back to think what could be done to solve the problem, I realized I didn't want to solve it. 
Remembering those class trips about colonial times and the ladies that use to sit down and embroider by the light of candle or fireplace, and how they use to make mistakes in their work on purpose. They use to embroider an "e" backwards or spell a word wrong because some thought that it being perfect would bring out evil jealousy. 
While this to me sounded like those girls had a lot of self esteem, and thought very highly of themselves, this is not the reason I left the mistakes in my work. Instead I thought of a sweet little girl cuddling with her quilt on the couch when she's not feeling well, it laying on top of her while she dreams the most precious dreams, or hanging on her nursery wall for her to admire. 
Just like everyone at the shower, Denise isn't going to care that the seams aren't perfect, that it's not lines up even everywhere, or that the message of love is crooked. The thing that will be perfect is the sweet baby that will be welcomed into the family. We are so looking forward to meeting her.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Beautiful Amanda. :)
V x

Jenniffer said...

Congratulations on creating something so very beautiful- you are already passing on to your niece your love for her, for hand work, for the beauty of imperfections and the perfection found in love- in other words- you are already a great Aunt!

Carol said...

Your message of love is straight - straight from the heart.
What a beautiful quilt ready and waiting for a child to be welcomed with love.
How wonderful.
Carol xx

Anonymous said...

Your cake looks yummy and I can imagine the quilt being loved for many years.

Dana said...

Your quilt is beautiful and the stitching is so sweet. I think imperfections make it all the more special.

Candylei said...

Such a beautiful combination of colors! Love them. The center embroidery is beautiful too! Really Sweet.

Laura said...

What a sweet quilt! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for your sweet comment. Hope you are having a nice week.


Lola Nova said...

What a precious quilt full of love! The embroidery is wonderful!