Friday, February 10, 2012

Hexagon Patch

Still addicted to hexagons over here! The small project is finished - I used some hexagon to make a flower patch for my painting pants. They have holes, paint splashes, glue spots, and other messy craftiness to them. Sometimes when I get busy at home I shamefully leave these pants on while we run to the post office or go to the store. One of the rips on the knees got too big, making them a little uncomfortable to wear. Now they are perfect. They are just a tad more fashionable to wear in public and it's okay if the hexagons get a little paint on them - after all they are my artist pants. Just wish I had an artist shirt I could add elbow patches to.


Jenniffer said...

great idea- very cute!

The Vintage Folk Painter said...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

In fact, I think you could have a market for them in the crafting community - you might need to start scouring the second-hand shops for old jeans - ;)


(PS. I would do this, but seeing as most of my trousers end up with paint on them, everything I own would have to have hexagons on them.)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Brilliant idea Amanda! :)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend,
V x

Carol said...

Great use of your lovely hexagons. The work shirt/elbow patches sound a good idea. You'll have to visit your charity shops.
Have a great weekend.
Carol xx

Anonymous said...

:) How fun and clever.

patrice said...

Love this patch!!! So happy to have found your sweet blog. I have been following Dottie Angel for so long. So nice to see all of YOUR loveliness!