Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day

It does only come around once every 4 years!! Yes I had to con Aries into jumping up and down on her bed (apparently it's not as fun when mom tells you to do it) to get this shot. She was having fun - even though it doesn't really show it on her face. The kids had early release from school today because of this.....
Mother nature - I wish I could put you in a time out!!! Just when I was so looking forward to spring.

**Just a little FYI - Google Friend Connect (that little follow me button on the side over there ~~>) will stop working for any non-blogger blogs and followers tomorrow. While I don't love technical changes like these I understand change. I will not remove it because I still think some of you readers may use it. There are still ways to follow me Twitter, Bloglovin', RSS Feed Readers like Google Reader. If you're like me and you read your blogs through blogger you might not see some of your favorite blogs that don't use blogger - but use other sites like Typepad or Wordpress. So make sure to check up on them**


Jenniffer said...

Wow- that's quite a dusting you guys got! That HAS to mean spring is around the corner- right?

Thanks for the info about the google changes- yikes!

Have a great (white) leap day!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Sorry about the snow! :(
Please don't forget me on wordpress!!!!!
Happy leap day,
V x

Lynda said...

*Fabulous* picture! Good for you for getting Aries to jump.

Several years ago we took a great-niece and -nephew on vacation, and to begin with I had them jump on the hotel room beds. They'd been living in a rough situation and weren't sure what to make of me or the idea they should have some fun. I'll never forget my 6 year-old nephew looking at me and saying, "I like you a lot. I like you a LOT lot."

Anonymous said...

Your picture of the snow is enchanting. Aries is a laugh riot. I leaped for you too. Will send you the picture. :)