Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

Now that all major holidays are over, a baby shower has passed, and one child has become a year older I have more time. We are still planning things like 2 more birthdays only weeks apart, the little man entering preschool, and other excitement. This for us is slowing down.
So last night I was thrilled to start some fabric hexagons, after all they have been haunting me this past week. There is this lovely little quilt by Amy here, Alicia's amazing calicos, and then there are these this & that. I did take warning from all the other lovely hexagon makers that they would be addicting and they so are!
Being the cheap thrifty lady I am, I didn't buy my paper hexagon but rather used a 1" hexagon template here and printed them out. Got a fun little project planned for them and then maybe a more time consuming one...we will see.
I also did another page in my Finish This Book. Can't say enough good things about this book!! It's one of those happy purchases that I don't regret spending a little money on myself.
While my crafting list is growing longer and I keep adding to it - What are you working recipe? a quilt? yarn goodness?


Jenniffer said...

I can so relate to that crafting list that never ends- and for me, often doesn't even get things crossed off!
Currently I have a four-year long cross stitch to finish, valentines to make for the boys, a little cutting project on the horizon and plunging into work on letter 'A' for the swap!
Happy quilting to you!

Oh- and glad you're feeling better!

Carol said...

My hexagon template is a piece of card which came with a pack of "patchwork pieces" from Laura Ashley in the 70's. I like your materials.
I'm going to a one day workshop on Saturday (weather permitting) to make a "Valentine Lap Quilt".
I've just blogged about my useful crocheted "thingymijig"!
Carol xx

The Vintage Folk Painter said...

As far as making a list of my projects - I just couldn't go there at the moment.

It might make my head spin.

None of them, however, at the moment, contain patchwork or hexagons, so maybe I need to add another to the list,,, hmmm?

Teacups and Tiskets

Anonymous said...

I haven't done hexagons, but they look so fun! Thanks for the links. Glad you came by my blog and glad I found yours!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Love your little hexies.
If you haven't done so before, check out Clare's blog for some gorgeous patchwork and hand piecing!

V x

Prairie Rose said...

Love the colors.
I am still in Sock World over here.
I started like four pairs...and now unless I meet a one-legged person, I guess they all need matches:(