Friday, March 2, 2012

This Week

~ Damien got a good report from school 
~ No more diapers in our house
~ Sent out lots of happy mail
~ Got a creative slump
~ Had dream which gave me an idea
~ Now out of a creative slump
~ Finished a quilt
~ It snowed
~ Thought about getting a new camera
~ Gave myself a pat on my back for not buying one
~ Saving money for a new adventure
~ Ate snowflakes with Aries
~ Someone thought it was uncool to do this (Damien)
~ Have been keeping up with my 365!
~ Can't keep up with the housework
~ Decided to stop trying and spend time with 3 unruly people
~ Listened to Pandora Radio way too much
~ Also pinned way too much
How was your week?


Jenniffer said...

too fast!
Got to do some creative stuff and lots of cleaning and driving.
Have a great weekend!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Got my greenhouse sorted out (thanks hubby!) and am ready for some seed planting!
Yay for Damien!!!!
Have a lovely weekend,
V x

Anonymous said...

I love all your positive news. You can take great pictures even with your phone, glad you didn't waste your money on something you don't need. :) I'm getting out of my creative slump too. I have three new, fun ideas to work on this week.

a view from a brown dog said...

Sounds like a busy and very productive week. I found your blog through little house on the prairie and am so glad i did! Seems we have a lot in common. I did 365 a couple years ago completed it and started again but fell off... its such a fantastic project, good luck. Looking forward to checking back in, enjoyed my time here. Have a great weekend!

Ina said...

I love your list! BTW, the housework will still be there on won't..they go off to school. Priorities! Family first. Friendship second. Cleaning last...always last unless company is coming! ;p

Anna said...

Sweet post!!! I saw your comment at Anna Maria Horner and there is a pattern for the topsy turvy doll you spoke of.(Its knitted.) My grandma had one that was little red riding hood on one side and the wolf dressed as red riding hood on the other then flip the dress and grandma underneath. I keep thinking I will knit this but havent. i am sure you could find a sewing pattern. (or create one?!)happy stitches

amy said...

congratulations on no more diapers!!! I can't believe I'll be buying them again soon... xo amy

Hello and welcome... said...

Last week was great. Discovered a new cocktail: red wine + blood orange soda. yum!