Monday, March 12, 2012

The Weekend

We took a long walk on old brick cobblestone streets, looking at large historic homes. Imagining horse drawn carriages and woman in large brimmed hats with parasols protecting them from the sun. Maybe one day we will live on this street. Every house a different kind of charm, each filled with lots of character.
Then we looked through telescopes at the shore. Listening to the seagulls hawk for more french fries from the children who were laughing and chasing them. The sun was warm, welcoming even the most pale of us out from hiding, to bask in it's glow.
In the distance we saw The House of Seven Gables, sitting with it's large dark ominous presence on the shore. We heard silly conversations about how it's just not right to have two nannies, about a 90 year old taking a spinning class at the gym, and about how someone didn't like Lindsey because she was too smart (btw you can never be too smart).
Our feet hurt from the uneven ground both on the historic streets and the pier. That morning, when I wondered if I should have worn my cute loafers that matched my outfit or my comfortable sneakers, I should have picked the sneakers. It didn't stop us from walking all the way to the lighthouse.
Boats still remain covered from the winter, waiting to make crests in the water. This was the last picture I took before we explored a sweetheart cottage. A cottage that needed more work than I wanted it to have. This was our weekend trip in March. There are already plans for another in April and May.


Jenniffer said...

Sounds like a lovely day of dreaming. So glad you took the opportunity. :)

Carole said...

At first glance i thought you were in Mystic....looks very similar. I love Salem( I may have told you that before) but haven't been in years so this was a nice treat for me.
Funny what you overhear ppl talking about....yes one can never be too smart.
btw your photos are amazing.
Hope you're enjoying the great weather we're having.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a stunning place!
V x

Anonymous said...

Your dreams, smarts, and pictures are wonderful. I know like I know! ;)

Kristen said...

Oh, how pretty! I love the spooky seven gables house, looming there looking all dark. Brrr! :)