Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

I kept my promise and created something last night. The first step was to get the kids all snuggled into bed so no distractions would take place. So after baths, several books, and me contemplating if bribing them with cookies after they just brushed their teeth would make me a bad mom (don't worry folks no cookies were eaten) the house was finally quiet. TV remained off - it is an easy distraction, instead I turned on my favorite Pandora station (Kate Nash).
What happened next was unexpected. When I made the promise I thought it would include thread, maybe a sewing machine, pins, and fabric but none of that came out of studio last night. Instead the watercolors were raising their hands, paint brushes were asking to be picked, and pencils seemed to be extra sharp for drawing. While I'm not sure if I love the end results yet - I want to do more. Make some prints. Put them in my Print Me Out shop for all to enjoy. What do you think? Maybe a little makeover at Print Me Out is in order.
What are you working on?


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Giveaway surprises, call in tomorrow! :)
V x

Amy@Natural Vintage said...

I love it, it's fantastic! The fern/leaf in the background gives it just the right amount of depth!