Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ride Home...For Right Now

Lately on the ride home from work I've been seeing new things I never noticed before - like the barn that looks like a bunch of faces or the pedestrian holding flowers sign (What does that mean?! Guess it's a good thing it wasn't on my drivers test). I've also noticed this beautiful pink Victorian with a hydrangea garden in the front, pretty wavy square glass windows on a house by the green, and this cottage looking house with cascading purple flowers by the door - I was just a little too chicken to stop on the side of road to take pictures of other peoples homes. Maybe I'm noticing all these things because this way won't be the way home soon. Which explains my silence this week. I've really tried to hunker down on my free time for packing up boxes and sorting things.You never truly know how much "stuff" you have until you have to move it all.
Every time I pack a box it does feel like a breath of fresh air. I've also got this really great incredibly amazingly awesome idea - it truly is just that wonderful - about a scrapbook for the new home. It's too hard to explain without pictures but I promise to share it ... and hopefully inspire others.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I think that sign is a 'husband sign' to remind them that they should have a bunch of flowers with them for their wives!!!
Good luck with the packing and have a wonderful weekend Amanda!
V x

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!! What a good laugh I have received this morning. I found your lovely blog while searching on flickr.

The photo of the sign has left me laughing so hard. You see, I am married to a true country boy. He walks for m i l e s at a time. And he always brings me home some flowers. So much so, that I worry a police officer may show up someday letting me know he picked from the 'wrong' garden or roadway.

I have saved it as a desktop wallpaper. Too, too cute.

blessings, jill