Monday, August 6, 2012

The Weekend

This weekend we savored a bit of summer while it's still here. Watching the Olympics, we ate bowls full of bing cherries, while being awe struck by the sheer awesomeness of these athletes.
The in-laws treated hubby and kids to the family tradition of the air show. One of my quirky things is not liking low flying airplanes over me, it's weird I know, so I love the fact that this is a tradition the kids can have with Rob's family.
There has been more packing and making lists of things to do before the move. Moving was a much easier thing to do before kids and before they were in school - still not sure how people move across country or to another country. Just moving a couple towns over, my list keeps growing and growing of things that need to be done.
While packing I'm pairing down things. It's great when hubby and I agree that we want a fresh start. So today I'm focusing on ironing some vintage linens to put in the shop, taking pictures of furniture that will be put on craigslist or ebay, and just general "why am I saving this?!" cleaning.


Prairie Rose said...

Cherries look delish and love those vintage linens!

Micaela said...

The olympics and air shows - two of my family's traditions (though i'm like you, i get so uncomfortable sometimes with how close they fly together too!)

this past weekend we had a garage sale with some friends and it felt so good to get rid of some of our stuff and then donating the rest. (i'm a secret hoarder, it seems ha) that said, how i wish i could go shopping on your ebay/craiglist stuff ha