Monday, August 27, 2012

Shop on Vacation

With the studio fully packed, tower of boxes in the living room, and with all around transition happening I decided to flip both shop signs to closed. Once we are moved (still unsure of the exact date yet) and a little bit more organized then the shops will open up again. When it does there will be some wonderful fall things added and the ever so popular snowflake garland will be made and in stock. 
By the way, the studio looks really different all empty - Here are some before and afters:

1 comment:

Micaela said...

such a beautiful garland.

you know, i kept wondering why you never showed up on my dashboard-- omg, i never knew i hadn't officially followed you! that explains a lot!!! what the what?! lol you are on my top reads on my computer (saved favorites) but now i know the mystery.

UGH! ha

thinking of you as you're busy moving xoxo