Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Us adults this weekend really didn't have a weekend. Just the word weekend tells you exactly what is suppose to happen. The crazy go go go of the week is suppose to end and slower more relaxed days happen. If I had to put an official name to these "days off" they would be called weekeepgoing. Somewhere the school shopping was finished, kids had their teeth cleaned and sealed, all three got haircuts, school transcripts were transferred, two whole rooms fully packed, furniture sold to strangers, a couple trips to the post office, and one trip to the Dr's. I'm sure there was more that I completely blocked from my memory. Hope this means my week feels more like a weekend!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Exhausting but I suspect quite satisfying too! :)
V x

Jenniffer said...

wow- sounds like craziness- I've certainly had weekends like that too. Love your name for it! ;)
Hoping you'll get some rest after everything settles into place.

Bonnie Vasko said...

Definitely. After those weekends it's a relief to head back to the peace and routine of the office.