Thursday, June 17, 2010


My poor garden has been so neglected this year. This year I said "oh what's the point ... we are just moving in August". I thought for sure that my plants would suffocate and drown under the pressure from the weeds, much like our spirits about moving. Our original plan was to stay put for four years and maybe buy the place we are living in now. That was out of our control as our lease is up in August and our landlord is deciding to sell. Covered in weeds of negative thoughts, like my poor plants, Rob and I thought the worse. What if we need to change towns and uproot the kids from the first school they have ever gone to? How are we ever going to find another place that is within our budget?
As this spring has gone on I noticed my plants reaching out for sun and stretching out their leaves. Rob and I began to worry less about our move. My mom and her husband Eric own a two family down the street and we decided to move in there (literally one house down from where we are now). Things started to look brighter. I could start to picture the kids outside playing, my garden, what colors to paint, how to decorate, and our future in our small town. Moving the weeds out of our way we were stretching our thoughts on other things.
Now that it is summer, the plants in my garden have begun to flower. I think my daisies are the tallest they have ever been, forgetting that the weeds are all around them. My Iceland poppies have bloomed three times already, and just when I think that is the last flower for the season, another one blooms. The clematis vine that I buy every year and wonder "how do people make these grow?" has wrapped it self right up and out of the weeds around the small wrought iron trellis in the garden. I too have lifted myself out of the weeds, looking for a dishwasher (SO needed with five people in one house), picking out my paint colors, waiting to get a peek inside, drawing floor plans, thinking and planning the move, and getting the shovel ready to dig up my plants. The flowers in my garden taught me something, that even when you feel like your being suffocated you have a choice. You can either look up to the sky or let the weeds keep you down.

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