Friday, June 25, 2010

Fresh Herbs and Dish Towels

We are having company over this weekend. I went grocery shopping for all the ingredients needed for a very nice lunch, that included fresh dill and parsley. I recently read somewhere to put your fresh herbs in a vase with water instead of the fridge, it will make them last longer and make a great smelling center piece. The smell is so fresh and rustic. I love it!

I have also been very busy making dish towels. They are not finished all the way yet, still need a backing and trim. Maybe I will finish them tonight and have them in my shop soon. But right now I am going to get the kids up from nap and spend sometime outdoors in this beautiful weather.

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Carol Bender said...

Those are awesome dishtowels. Will people be allowed to wipe their hands on them? I think not.