Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy's Day

Keeping a secret in the house is like trying to walk with your shoes on the wrong feet, you can do it but it's really uncomfortable and near impossible to do for long. I having been thinking about Father's Day all week and deciding how to celebrate. My first thought was to have the kids do a craft project for Rob but then the thought of puffs of glitter in the air, kids eating glue, and all out war of a certain color crayon didn't sound like much fun. Thinking of Rob, and knowing how to get to his heart, we made him a cheesecake.

Damien helped stir the crust. He proudly told Aries that he was first to help me because he was the first baby, and that she would be next because she was second. He wanted to make this the BEST CRUST EVER! So he stirred and stirred and stirred and ... Stirred, until his hand got a cramp and he was exhausted, out of breath from  making the BEST CRUST EVER! (No drama in this house at all)

Aries helped make the second part because well she is the second baby ( Damien would say Duh?! at this part). She was so excited she had to put on her ballerina costume and dance first, before pouring the milk. I asked if she wanted to help me with the mixer but she said NO! That it was scary and didn't want it to splash on her tutu. She did pose for several pictures and kept wrapping herself around my legs. I think she was the most excited to tell Rob about this secret because several times I had to tell her that dad was sleeping and when he got up for work he would see it. 

And how did Odyn help? By eating a beater from the mixer of course. He watched the whole time and studied every move. Someday, when he is 6 or 7, Rob and I will wake to a gourmet breakfast created by him. 

When Rob woke up the kids had just gone to bed. Aries heard him and screamed "CHEESECAKE DAD!" (I told you secrets are not kept long in this house) She was so excited she had to make sure that he knew it was waiting for him in the fridge. 

I hope the best dad in the world thinks the cheesecake has the BEST CRUST EVER, is as excited as a ballerina to eat it, and knows that we all love him very much.  

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Carol Bender said...

Wow, looks too good to eat! Your story made me laugh, thanks.