Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting hot - glued that is

So while Odyn was taking a nap today I thought I might want to get something, anything, done that I wanted to do. I set up a small, and I mean small, space in the living room while Aries and Damien were watching a movie. Noticed I said they "were" watching a movie. I love how my kids know the exact time frame to ask questions, want a drink, an ice cream, start bickering, anything that involves me stopping right in the middle of something that I can't really stop doing.
Apparently the hot glue gun was what interested them. Damien told me that at his school his teacher has 2 of them and he was not allowed to touch them EVER! While this long very fascinating story about 2 hot glue guns was going on and on Aries snuck around the back of me, did I notice? Yes of course.. after all I was dealing with tacks and hot glue, I knew the temptation would be too much for them. Aries sat next to me and informed me "just want to watch", so I let her. I did tell her that if she touched the sitting next to me would be over.
After making the 3rd or 4th cute fabric thumb tack the newness wore off and I was left in peace. The movie became interesting again, the occasional "Aries stop that!" or " Damien mine!" was heard, but it was successful. I completed all the cute fabric thumb tacks I wanted (for my inspiration board in my studio), was able to take pictures of them for you all to see, and have time to clean up before Odyn woke up. Aren't they cute?

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Melissa said...

They are adorable! I think you should make me some.