Friday, July 2, 2010

Craft Attention Deficit Disorder

I think I am going to start a self help group for everyone with craft ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I will start.... Hi my name is Amanda and currently I have more crafts started and not finished in my home than I can count on one hand. The first and longest one I have been working on is this quilt. Aries was still is excited to someday see it on her bed.

Where is the quilt now? How far did I get before I went "oooohhh you know what I should make!" Currently the top is almost done. I do have the fill and the backing and vow to have this done before we move at the end of August ( I am too ashamed to tell you how long I have been working on this project... so lets move on).
Next came the idea to make Aries a dress. I got the fabric very cheap, at the thrift store, and the pattern as well. I started this project about 2 months ago. As you can tell from the picture I cut out the pattern and fabric. As I stated I cut out the pattern and fabric... What did you expect me to actually sew it?!

My latest idea has been to get over my crochet envy. Lately I have been stopping myself from saying " I can never " or " I wish", basically any sentence that is not starting off positively. One thing I have said a billion times is " I wish I could crochet". Well I stopped making my dish towels and started to pick up the crochet thing-a-ma-bobs. A family friend helped show me some stitches ( Thanks Melanie!!!), which helped get me going. I have not stopped since, ripping out stitches, starting over, trying to count stitches with 3 children in the room, and stopping to focus my eyes. I do need to give my hands a rest soon though, they feel like when your driving in a snow storm and your gripping the steering wheel too tight.

This is my craft list, which I plan to update with new posts and come back to cross them off the list!
Aries Quilt of Dreams
Modern Forest Dress
Farmer's Market Bags
Whooo's Cooking Owl Dishtowels
Applique-ing my way t-shirts
Crochet Along Quilt


Carol Bender said...

Now there's a way to hold yourself accountable. I know you will accomplish all that you set out to do.

Melanie Joy said...

Wow! Your crocheting looks beautiful! And in only one lesson (and a very weak lesson at that!)