Monday, July 26, 2010

Crochet Along Coming Along

I have been trying to stay true to my previous post about not starting any new projects until the ones I have started are completed. This has not been easy! The day dreaming of the new house situation has helped. 
I also found out that crochet and embroidery are the easiest things to do when you have 3 children running around. My sewing projects have kinda taken a side seat for now till I can have a permanent place for the sewing machine, which I am sorry to say, is sitting on top of my dresser right now surround with a lot of other junk. 
Aries dream quilt is so close to being complete (only needs bias around the edge) and I have completed several dishtowels that will be featured in the dishtowel parade. They will then end up in my Etsy shop, a blog giveaway, and down the road into a customers quaint cottage.
For now I have been working on the Crochet Along Quilt. I must confess that this is the first thing I have ever crocheted in my life and I am not following a pattern, instead I am creating one. A notebook has been sitting by my side, pen in hand, and notes have been jotted down as to exactly what I have been doing so I can do it again. 
Since this is the first thing I have ever crocheted before I have been using the yarn I had. When I bought the yarn I thought it would just be a practice yarn ,having no idea what I was buying or how much to buy for a project, I only bought one white ball. I ran out of this said white yarn ball the other day and needed more, but what kind did I buy? I couldn't remember.
I ran out to the store with the last of what I had in my pocket, a small 4 inch strand, and started comparing. Now I  know some of you out there are cringing at me. I know this from the look of other yarn lovers that were at the store, staring at me with a confused look as I held up my piece of yarn to other yarns in the store. Oh, I studied yarn yesterday. Some yarn has a softer texture which I noticed is called baby yarn and had cute little pictures of babies on their labels, so this is what I am calling it. Other yarns were fatter and stronger (felt more like wool than yarn to me) and I quickly bi-passed these. I picked out what I thought was the closest thing to what I had before and started working on my quilt again (it is not the same thing as the one I had was softer but the strand size is the same). This little shopping trip has made me realize that I still have a lot to learn about crochet and also I will make sure to buy enough of what I need the first time. 


Anonymous said...

Your quilt is looking great! I just love the colours you have chosen. :)
Vivienne x

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Your quilt looks just fabulous!
Wow, that's really going to be something. :-)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

tinajo said...

Haha, I´m a master at losing the labels of the yarn as well - makes it darn difficult when you want more! :-D Someday I might learn... :-)