Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Little Man's First Haircut

So today, while Odyn's blonde baby curls were damp with sweat, I realized that I have been putting off cutting his hair. I decided today was the day. It was little selfish on my part why I didn't want to cut his hair. The excuses of not cutting his hair included he was too little, it wasn't THAT long, and (my personal favorite) that I was going to dress him up as a cherub for Halloween and needed his hair to be kinda long and curly.
Yes folks I was delusional. My son's hair was so long in the front it looked like a toupee, making him the youngest Donald Trump impersonator. At bath time washing his hair was almost like washing Aries hair. I was making my little man a girly man!
(Don't mind my cookie face or my toupee)
The real reason I didn't want to cut his hair is because once those tiny curls were on the floor he wouldn't look like a baby anymore but a toddler. The sad thing is he does. I know I can't keep him a baby forever but can my kids please stop growing and slow down a bit.
On another note, doesn't he just look handsome?  I don't know what I was so freaked out about, after all it's not the last first haircut in this house ..... Aries still has never had her hair cut :).
(My little man)


Carol Bender said...

Love it. You make me laugh.

Tasha - The Nerdy Owl said...

So cute!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Awwww, gotta love a sweet little comb-over!

He's just precious!

Have a fabulous weekend!

tinajo said...

Oh, I can SO relate to wanting them stay small just a little bit longer! I waited and waited for my boys first hair cuts, but finally realized I had to do it... And it´s a bit bitter sweet, isn´t it?! He´s a cutie though, such a sweet face! :-)

Dani said...

What a cute little man!