Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shabby Chic or Cottage Chic

Decorating has all that has been on my mind lately. A quiz recently stated that my style is cottage chic, I think it pegged me right. Any thing vintage, a little shabby, whitewashed, retro, or has charm I love. Everyone goes through decorating phases in their life. 

For awhile I liked bright colors and mosaic pieces. I have never been afraid of color and even painted a couple rooms smurf blue. Thankfully (that is what my husband says) I got over my bright color phase and moved on to earth tones. One of my previous jobs I worked in (an imports store) made it hard to resist the exotic pieces that came in on a daily basis. My living room is filled with dark furniture, warm reds, earthy greens, and antique golds. In the winter the living room is the place to be all cozied up but in the summer it makes it feel really dark and hot. 

Now that it's a time of change, with the move right around the corner, it's perfect for a decorating change. A more shabby cottage chic style throughout. Our plan is to do one room at a time, making the changes as we go. Old large kid hazardous coffee table is out, new rustic vintage coffee table in (found at flea market for $20) and our current TV cabinet is getting a face lift with paint and new hardware.

My crafting has been trending more on the cottage chic style with lighter colors and vintage finds like the kusudama flower ball in these pictures. It was not on my list of things to get done but I couldn't resist. Having gone to auctions with my mom in the past couple of months I picked up a bunch of old Farmers Almanacs. If you have ever flipped through one you will realize that woman had too much time on their hands and created really weird recipes like tuna pineapple salad sandwiches (YUCK) but that there are really neat advertisements and drawings. The original idea was for these to be framed and  to hang my neat finds, leaving a lot of unused vintage paper. Instead I was able to create this kusudama flower ball,  made with the left overs, and some vintage buttons I had stashed away for later use. Isn't this shabby cottage chic wonderfulness?


Kristen said...

Oh how fun, there's nothing better than moving into a home and decorating from scratch!I'm also a cottage/shabby/vintage/retro kind of girl♥ My son always asks "Does everything HAVE to be OLD?" I tell him he can decorate his house how ever he wants when he grows up~ sure hope his wife isn't into vintage :(
Good Luck with the move!

Anonymous said...

I have to check out that tutorial, those flowers look great!
My tastes have become more neutral too, I use to have three bedrooms painted bright yellow, bright blue and lime green! Everything is cream now.
Good luck with your decorating.
Vivienne x
(blogger won't let me use Open ID)

Carol Bender said...

I almost choked on the pineapple tuna sand which I was eating while I read your blog. Nah, just kidding, but the thought of one almost made me gag, guess we are kinda even. I made you throw up a little in your mouth yesterday?! :) said...

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