Monday, August 15, 2011

A Day At The Fair

The sweet smell of oats and hay filled the air.
When the goats licked us, we laughed.
Trying to find the perfect rabbit was a bit hard.
One that looked like it belonged in Wonderland was finally chosen.
He listened to everything we were saying.
Who was the softest?
Sheep and rams won in the pet ability department.
Their fluffy wool and wise eyes kept the kids busy for awhile.
Rams looked like they were deep in thought.
All the food was too tempting.
Along with the musical sound of the rides.
Most were passed up because the kids like to keep their feet on the ground.
It was a fun day full of laughter, pageants, and personality. 
Free spirited wild child with the bruised legs, evidence she plays hard and as rough as the boys, didn't win Little Miss Lebanon.
(sorry for the camera shaking - I was laughing too much)
She did win Little Miss Personality :)!!


Jenniffer said...

Oh my!
What a cutie she is! Definitely some personality there- good for her! :)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Yay for Aries!! Priceless. :)
Vivienne x

Kristen said...

That's adorable! I love love love the fair. Sweet little dresses, too--bet you made those! Lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't know how I missed this post, but glad I found it (better late than never). Great pics