Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Must Give Credit

All the free motion embroidery people out there that make your pieces look perfectly peachy I must give you credit. Trying something new, which as you all know is something I do every other day, the idea for a sweet little baby quilt came into my head. A big tree, a sweet bunny, and maybe Mr. Squirrel would make an appearance.
After much deliberation over what color fabrics, cutting them into applique shapes, and drawing with a fabric pencil the time came to try my hand at free motion embroidery. It's nothing like the slow patience you need for hand embroidery. Knowing that you need to keep the pressure foot down all the way making the needle hum and at the same time make rhythmic even paced motion with the fabric, had me a little freaked. Taking deep breaths and completely understanding why one woman on the sewing boards recommends a glass of wine before beginning, I jumped in.
No it did not go smooth. There was breaking of thread, a bent needle or two, a wonky nest of fabric underneath, and words that a lady sewing should not say. Giving up is not in my vocabulary so I kept going and it got better. Leaves started to look like leaves and before I knew it a tree was born. Stretching my back and uncurling my fingers I got up to study what I created. Glancing out the window I realized that nature decided my work was worth copying.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well I like both yours and Mother Natures trees! :)
Vivienne x

Grace said...

Lovely post! I've been curious about trying this myself...I love your realistic optimism combined with spontaneous freaking out :) Your tree is beautiful!

Jenniffer said...

Can't wait to see the final result- the bit you show there looks wonderful! :) Happy sewing!

Don said...

Nice looking work! Wish I had the patience to put into something like that. I'm not overly creative in that way though.

Give me a computer though, and watch out... ;)

Let us see the finished product when you are done with it!