Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Handmade Postcard

Recently I participated in The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap. This time the theme was bloom with which you instantly think of flowers. With little information about my swap partner given I went on a spy mission. Googling her name I found her blog, where she writes with her heart on her sleeve. It wasn't until then, after I  read her story, that I could start creating. Sarah-Jayne's husband, Pete, is going to swim the English Channel in September to raise money for the Penny Field School in Leeds. A school that helps special needs children learn and play through interactive activities and an understanding staff.
Rightfully so, a swimmer needed to be including on this postcard. A swimmer swimming through a field of flowers that will bloom into a big success. With my small message to them on the back, I shipped it off to the UK. My hope is that this tiny little postcard will bloom into something greater - encouragement - for doing something so great.


Jenniffer said...

As always I am so inspired by what you made-
I am sure this family is going to LOVE this postcard. I guess fabric postcard is now on the list of projects to try! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the way you investigate to make a gift what it should be and then to be able to create a one of a kind item that is so beautiful. I am sure it will be enjoyed. Great job!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I think Sarah-Jayne and her husband will be delighted with your lovely postcard and your encouragement!
Vivienne x

My Sweet Prairie said...

I'm a postcard fanatic! : ) If you ever want' to swap, I'm at PostcardCottage. the link is on my blog. : )
~Monika in Canada

Kim Henkel said...

Love your postcard! I too participated in the swap, I enjoyed it but was disappointed that I was unable to find out anything about where my card would be going before I created it...oh well it was still fun!

sjwfrance said...

Hi Amanda ... Thank you so very much for the lovely stitched postcard which arrived in the post today... I thought it just a little too 'ironic' that it had a swimmer on it - until I read your blog... and learnt that you had read mine! I'm touched that you took the time and effort to make it such a personal and encouraging statement. I was a 'Great Big Stitched Postcard' virgin until now and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My own efforts were send to a lady in Canada and I just hope that she got such a thrill out of the postcard that I sent, as I have with the one you sent me. S-Jx